Custom made look alike Puppets

Custom made look alike Puppets

from 300.00

Get a custom, one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted muppet puppet made in the likeness of anyone

Each Adult Look-Alike Puppet includes a single set of clothing with a shirt, pants/shorts/skirt (or dress), sneakers or sandals, and a puppet rod. All of the clothing is removable. Add-ons and specialty clothing are available. See details on ordering/how to order below.

Made just for you. Ready to ship in 2-3 weeks.

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In adding the item to your cart, you will be prompted to fill out the following information: eye color, hair color and type, etc. You will be able to upload photos via a link in your order confirmation email once your order has been placed.

*** If you would like to add custom clothing or accessories, please select ‘Standard with Special Additions’ as the Style of puppet or no special additions can be added.




27-30 Inches Top-To-Toe

The Mother’s Day Look-Alike Puppet is sized to fit the hand of an adult. 


The 'Mother's Day Look-Alike Puppet' is designed and made by Eva Gronowitz.

© Eva Gronowitz 2018