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Accessories for custom puppet orders*

You may choose between glasses, a hat, jewelry, shoes, or anything in between (select ‘Other’ as your ‘Accessory Type’ and leave a note in the form).

We’ve also put together a few common combinations such as ‘Ball Cap & Glasses’ for you to choose from as well.

See more details below.

Accessory type:
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One doesn’t usually think of posable fingers as an accessory, but if you’d like your puppet to have the ability to grasp/grab, give a peace sign, or hold objects independently, you might be interested in adding posable fingers to your order!


*There is a limit of one (1) accessory item per Accessory order. For instance, if you order ‘Glasses’, you may not also request a Feather Boa through the order from: You must order ‘Glasses’ and ‘Other’ in order to receive both. This does not apply to combination orders (Ball Cap & Glasses, Scarf & Glasses, etc).


Not seeing an accessory that’s right for you? Select ‘Other/Custom’. We’ll follow up with you for details and refund any difference in price between what you want and the cost of making it.

All images featured on this page are examples and not the actual accessory item(s) you will receive with your order.