Couple puppets for Scott

Couple puppets for Scott


Have divided the payment in two $275 each total $550

This will be 2 muppet puppet style puppet size between 26 inch and 28 inch. Boy bigger than girl.

Scott: black hair, short w/ side part, dark brown eyes; some sort of collared shirt, jeans and sneakers

Shira: brown hair (w/ highlights if possible) with asymmetrical cut, light brown eyes; an orange dress (like in the attachment labeled "orange dress.jpeg") and sandals.

If you are more specific about the sandals and sneakers I can try to mimic .

Would you like a white shirt?

If you decide to come to Beacon ( the studio is actually a little outside of Beacon) I will refund your shipping cost.

As I make the puppets I will send you pictures of the progress, sneak peeks .

The puppets will be ready by the end of June beginning of July.

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