Custom puppet order for Melina part two

Custom puppet order for Melina part two


They can all be ready in approximately 4 weeks. added to this are 8 t-shirts at $15 each = $120

The puppet can all have different body shapes skin tones and sizes, all clothing can come off and be changed.

All puppets comes with metal rod to move arm.

If all puppet are shipped at the same time I can do free shipping.

As agreed upon I will not reproduce these puppets without your permission. , how ever you don’t have the rights to reproduce the puppets for resale.

When you purchase a puppet, you are purchasing a design contract. Beacon Art Studios LLC assigns ownership of the created physical puppet to the buyer. This includes the right to You to use them as you please in your youtube channel .and any social media. You have the exclusive rights to These puppets.

When the puppets are ready we can take pictures and ad to this contract.

All other rights are reserved by Beacon Art Studios but can be secured through a licensing contract.

A licensing contract is a “buyout option”, a one time fee that is agreed upon when the order is initially placed or in the future when it might seem more relevant to you. The client can then reproduce the character in all media: photo, merchandising, plush, film & video, toy licensing, and reproductions of any sort.  This fee is considerably higher. We also ask for a credit on any film or video product.

If you like to talk to Lenny about this buyout option you can call him 845-7282542, we just had a client that ordered two puppets for commercial purposes and payed for a buyout so we do have the prices up to date for that.

Please know that Beacon Art Studio LLC will not relinquish ownership of the patterns, prototypes, materials, drawings, designs, techniques, research, knowledge or any other materials used in the construction of the character, ever. All work to create the product as a 3-dimensional work is considered proprietary to the design process and is solely Beacon Art Studios LLC property.


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