Custom Puppet Clothes

Custom Puppet Clothes

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Specialty puppet clothing made to your specifications for custom puppet orders*

You may choose between several different shirt and bottoms combinations ($50), a casual dress ($30), and add layers like a hoodie, cardigan, or sweater ($20). All of these combinations** include puppet socks and shoes.

See our Puppet Photo Gallery for ideas and inspiration!

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Each order of custom puppet clothes includes a shirt and bottoms, which vary based on selection, as well as socks and shoes. Instances in which these items are not included are if you have ordered a Bridal Gown or Tuxedo (you’ll get fancy shoes for these).


*There is a limit of one (1) set of clothing per puppet clothing order.

**Items that do not include socks and shoes are Hoodie and Cardigan/Sweater options, unless ordered in tandem with a shirt/bottom or dress combination.


Not seeing a combination that’s right for you? Select ‘Other’ and enter a detailed description of the outfit you’d like made into the form. We’ll follow up with you for details and refund any difference in price between what you want and the cost of making it.